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Best browser for pc windows 7

best browser for pc windows 7

When Windows 7 first hit the shelves, it was a big hit. However, over time, it has lost some of its shine. Unlike the newer Windows versions (like 10 or 8), Windows 7 has some cool features you won’t find elsewhere. Despite its lingering popularity, Microsoft pulled the plug on support for Windows 7 in 2020. So, if you’re still using an older laptop rocking Windows 7, running modern browsers like Chrome might not be as smooth as you’d want. The tech landscape is changing, and it might be a good idea to think about upgrading to a more recent and supported operating system for a better and safer experience.

We know what you’re thinking, “Chrome works for me just fine.” We are not saying you should never use Chrome again; it has a great speed and performance, but there are other browsers that offer the same speed and performance with built-in privacy features and other awesome security features (some of which require no configuration from your part).

Some good browsers to use on Windows 7 include K-Meleon, Opera, and Brave among others. Though the best browser for Windows 7 is Firefox. Not only does it offer great features but seamless performance too.

What’s In This Guide?

Best Browsers For Windows 7


Opera is a free browser that you can use on various platforms. It’s gone through significant changes and improvements over the years. The latest version, Opera 15, is a big deal as it represents the first major release in more than two years. This shows that Opera is committed to keeping things fresh and updated for users. So, if you’re looking for a free and reliable browser that keeps getting better, Opera is worth checking out.

Opera is a user-friendly browser with handy features. You get integrated search, a download manager, and private browsing for a secure online experience. 

Customize shortcuts and gestures as you like. Security is solid with built-in protection against phishing and malware, plus automatic updates for the latest patches. Need faster browsing on Windows 7? Opera’s got you covered with its Turbo mode, compressing data for quicker page loads. There’s also a built-in VPN for anonymous browsing. The sidebar neatly keeps your favorite sites and social media in one place for easy access while you browse. Opera packs in a lot for a smooth and secure web experience.

You can get Opera in two simple ways: either as an extension for Google Chrome or Firefox, or as a standalone app that comes pre-installed on many Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy S9. This flexibility makes it easy to use Opera on your preferred browser

here are the key features of the Opera browser

  1. Ad Blocker: Opera blocks ads, making web pages load faster and look cleaner. It also stops tracking cookies and cryptocurrency mining scripts.
  2. Tracker Blocker: It prevents online tracking through various methods like analytic scripts and tracking pixels.
  3. VPN (Virtual Private Network): Opera’s VPN feature changes your apparent location, enhancing your online privacy by connecting you to websites through a virtual private network server.


Firefox, a widely embraced web browser available for free download, has a rich history that traces back to its origins as a fork of the Navigator browser in 1998, operating under the moniker “Phoenix.” This project laid the foundation for what would later evolve into the Mozilla browser. Over time, the developers nurtured Phoenix into the robust and versatile browser that we recognize today as Firefox. With its inception rooted in the late 1990s, Firefox has consistently evolved to meet the changing needs of internet users, earning a reputation for its user-friendly interface, extensive add-ons, and commitment to privacy and securityFirefox strikes a balance by prioritizing security against threats like trojans while ensuring a seamless and customizable browsing experience.

Firefox goes beyond just robust security, offering enhanced privacy settings and user-friendly features. Managing multiple tabs is now a breeze with improvements to the tab structure. You can pin tabs for constant visibility and effortlessly move them between windows. The revamped add-ons manager makes it easier to discover and install add-ons directly from the browser. Plus, you can pin your favorite add-ons to the toolbar for quick access. Firefox strikes a balance by prioritizing security against threats like trojans while ensuring a seamless and customizable browsing experience.

Additional excellent features:

  1. Focused on privacy.
  2. Low resource consumption.
  3. Developed by a non-profit organization.
  4. Offers a highly customizable user interface.


Formerly called QupZilla, Falkon is a lightweight web browser designed for KDE and works well on major platforms. Initially created for educational purposes, Falkon has grown into a feature-rich browser. It uses the open-source QtWebEngine rendering engine to ensure a fast and straightforward browsing experience. Falkon keeps things simple with standard features like bookmarks, a sidebar for history, and easy tab management. If you’re looking for a responsive and efficient web browser, especially within the KDE environment, Falkon’s user-friendly interface and commitment to speed make it a solid choice.

Falkon brings some cool features to the table, making it a solid choice, especially for Windows 7 users looking for an alternative to Chrome or Firefox. Clicking on a tab gives you a thumbnail preview, adding a nice touch to navigation. Falkon’s built-in adblocker, “AdBlock,” helps keep your browsing experience clean. The ability to add extensions, similar to what you can do in Firefox or Chrome, is a big plus. One standout extension is “Night Mode,” perfect for comfortable nighttime browsing. If you want a browser with customizable features, effective ad-blocking, and handy extensions, Falkon might be just what you need on your Windows 7 setup.

More fantastic features:

  1. Simple and lightweight design.
  2. Includes bookmarks, history, and tabs.
  3. Built with QtWebEngine technology.
  4. Works on older systems.
  5. Comes with a built-in ad blocker.


Brave is a new web browser designed for Windows 7, aiming to make your online experience faster and safer. It blocks ads and trackers, speeding up content delivery, and is based on the same code as Chrome. On mobile devices, it uses Android’s WebKit. Brave stands out for its privacy and security features, including script blocking, cookie blocking, and fingerprinting protection. It even integrates Tor for added privacy in a tab. Brave’s “Rewards” feature lets you opt into privacy-respecting ads, earning Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) that you can use to support creators or your favorite sites. The browser simplifies anonymity technologies, making it easy to surf anonymously with just a click. Notably, Brave loads significant news sites much faster than Chrome and Safari on mobile and twice as fast as Chrome on desktop.

here are the key features of the Brave browser

  1. Automatic Ad and Tracker Blocking: Brave blocks invasive ads and trackers by default, protecting your privacy.
  2. Malware and Tracking Protection: It keeps your device safe from malware and stops advertisers from tracking you extensively.
  3. Encrypted Data Sync: Brave encrypts your data for secure synchronization, letting you use the same settings and bookmarks on multiple devices.

UR Browser

UR Browser is a fast and private web browser exclusively for Windows users. It blocks ads, trackers, and malware to keep your online activities private. What’s cool is that it comes with a built-in VPN, allowing you to browse the web anonymously by routing your traffic through secure servers in different countries worldwide. So, if you want a browser that’s quick, secure, and respects your privacy, UR Browser is worth checking out.

One standout feature is the built-in video downloader, enabling you to save videos from YouTube or other streaming sites directly to your computer without needing external software. This feature is especially convenient for Windows 7 users, ensuring fast and hassle-free downloads. UR Browser combines these practical features, making it a versatile and user-centric choice for a secure and efficient browsing experience.

here are the key features of UR Browser

  1. Fast Browsing: UR Browser loads pages quickly and smoothly.
  2. Built-in Ad-Blocker: It stops ads and pop-ups, making your browsing less intrusive.
  3. Integrated VPN: UR Browser includes a VPN for secure and anonymous browsing, especially on public Wi-Fi.
  4. Download Manager: It helps you manage your downloads easily.
  5. Social Media Integration: UR Browser works seamlessly with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  6. Password Manager: It securely stores your login information for quick access.
  7. Customizable Interface: You can personalize the browser’s appearance with themes and customization options.

Pale Moon

Pale Moon is a free and open-source web browser made by Dutch programmer M.C. Straver. It’s like a cousin to Firefox, but it’s specifically fine-tuned for Windows systems. Pale Moon has its own way of doing things, running in its process. While it mostly works with Firefox extensions, not all of them are a perfect fit. It’s available for Windows 7 and newer, Linux, and Android devices. If you’re looking for a Windows-optimized browser that’s similar to Firefox, Pale Moon might be what you need.

here are the key features of Pale Moon

  1. Lightweight: Pale Moon runs smoothly without taxing your system’s resources.
  2. Safety Assured: It’s based on a secure Firefox version, ensuring a safe browsing experience.
  3. Privacy Priority: Pale Moon values your privacy, keeping your data protected.
  4. Legacy Plugin Support: It works with older plugins like Silverlight, Adobe Flash, and Java for compatibility with older web technologies.

Pale Moon gives you a super customizable browser where you can pick themes and tweak things just the way you like. It’s all about making your web experience hassle-free. Plus, Pale Moon comes with built-in security to keep you safe from nasty stuff like spyware and viruses. It even has tools like a password manager to keep your private info secure. It’s a simple and secure choice for a personalized browsing experience.


Midori is a great choice for Windows 7 users. It’s a fast, lightweight, and free web browser with a clean and easy-to-use interface. What’s cool is that you can expand its functionality with extensions, making it versatile and customizable to suit your needs. If you want a straightforward and efficient browsing experience, Midori is worth checking out.

Midori is a user-friendly browser suitable for all levels of computer experience. What makes it stand out is its impressive speed, consistently beating other browsers in speed tests. Midori simplifies browsing with features like spell checkers and ad-blockers, making your online experience smoother. Importantly, it doesn’t bog down your system with unnecessary add-ons, ensuring efficient performance. Plus, it’s designed to run well on less powerful systems, making it a lightweight and speedy option compared to browsers like Firefox and Chrome. If you’re looking for a fast, simple, and efficient browser, Midori is a top pick.

here are the key features of Midori

  1. Privacy Focus: Midori is designed with a strong emphasis on protecting your privacy.
  2. Ad and Tracker Blocking: It blocks ads, trackers, and other harmful content for a safer browsing experience.
  3. Lightweight: Midori is a lightweight browser, ensuring smooth performance.
  4. Multi-Platform: It works on various platforms, making it accessible across different devices.

Midori is built on the same engine used by Safari and many mobile browsers, called WebKit. This means you get a reliable and well-established foundation for your web browsing, similar to what Safari and popular mobile browsers offer. If you’re looking for a lightweight and easy-to-use browser, Midori is a solid choice. It combines the efficiency of WebKit with a user-friendly interface, making it great for those who prefer a simple and straightforward browsing experience. Give Midori a shot if you want something nimble and easy to navigate.


SeaMonkey is a free web browser that’s been around for over 10 years and works well with Windows 7. It’s the successor to the old Mozilla Application Suite, continuing its legacy from Netscape. When the Mozilla Foundation shifted focus to projects like Firefox and Thunderbird, SeaMonkey emerged as a reliable option. Offering a comprehensive internet suite with features like browsing and email, SeaMonkey is a tried-and-true choice for those looking for a straightforward and enduring browser on Windows 7.

SeaMonkey is developed by the community, different from its predecessor, the Mozilla Application Suite, which was managed by the Mozilla Foundation until its last version (1.7.13). Its interface is more reminiscent of Netscape Communicator and Mozilla Suite than Firefox. Notably, many add-ons designed for Firefox and Thunderbird can be easily converted for use in SeaMonkey, offering users a familiar and customizable experience. This community-driven and adaptable nature makes SeaMonkey a straightforward and versatile choice for users who appreciate a browser with a unique interface and seamless integration of favorite extensions.

SeaMonkey comes with an IRC chat client called ChatZilla. It’s part of the all-in-one suite that includes a web browser, email client, and more. Developers often use SeaMonkey for testing, so reported bugs are usually fixed promptly. ChatZilla shares the same look and features as the rest of the suite, making it seamlessly integrated. With tabbed browsing, pop-up blocking, a powerful search system, and anti-phishing protection, SeaMonkey, including ChatZilla, offers a simple yet comprehensive internet solution.

Certainly, here are the key features of SeaMonkey in a simplified and easy-to-read format:

  1. Tabbed Browsing: Open multiple web pages in tabs for efficient browsing and recover closed tabs easily.
  2. Session Restore: Automatically bring back open windows and tabs after crashes or browser restarts.
  3. Add-ons Management: Customize and enhance your browser with a wide range of add-ons.
  4. Data Manager: Central control for site-specific data like cookies, preferences, passwords, and more.
  5. Lightweight Themes: Personalize SeaMonkey with thousands of theme options.
  6. Feed Detection: Be alerted to web pages offering RSS or Atom feeds and preview their content.
  7. Smart Location Bar: Quickly search your visited web pages while typing in the location bar.
  8. Popup Blocker: Surf the web without annoying ads disrupting your experience.
  9. Find as You Type: Instantly navigate pages by typing or searching for specific words.
  10. Safe Mode: Troubleshoot problems with add-ons and access technical information easily.
  11. Modern Browser Features: Includes advanced security settings, download management, web form autocompletion, toolbar customization, multi-language and multi-platform support, and compliance with the latest web standards.



K-Meleon stands out as a swift and customizable web browser tailored for the Windows 7 operating system. Powered by the Gecko layout engine, it effortlessly supports widely used Internet standards like JavaScript and HTML5. What’s particularly cool is that its open-source code enables developers to dig in and find ways to optimize its performance across different devices. Interestingly, K-Meleon comes from the same developers who are behind Mozilla Firefox, creating a sense of familiarity for Firefox users. So, if you’re on the lookout for a fast and adaptable browser for your Windows 7 system, K-Meleon might just be the one to check out.

K-Meleon brings a handy set of features to the table, making your browsing experience smoother. With tabbed browsing, you can easily open multiple websites without cluttering your desktop. Plus, it lets you save your favorite group of tabs as a bookmark folder for quick access. One cool feature is the pop-up blocker, which automatically closes any extra windows that might distract you from your online tasks. For example, while shopping, if an ad pops up in a separate window, K-Meleon takes care of it right away. This is especially helpful for those on slower connections or using older computers since it helps reduce the amount of information loading for each page.

Additional outstanding features:

  1. Exceptionally lightweight
  2. Powered by the Goanna engine, built upon Mozilla’s Gecko
  3. Compatible with older operating systems, even including Windows XP
  4. Equipped with its ad-blocker and pop-up blocker.


Lunascape is a unique browser with three engines, downloaded over 15 million times and available in 18 languages. It’s highly customizable, allowing you to personalize toolbars and create your search engines. Adblock Plus is also included to block ads across all three engines. If you want a versatile and user-friendly browser, Lunascape is a standout choice.

Lunascape enhances your browsing experience by offering a variety of add-ons that automatically install upon downloading the browser. With three rendering engines—Trident, Gecko, and WebKit—you can switch between them seamlessly on a Windows 7 device, determining which works best for each site. This browser is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers, and there’s even a mobile version called iLunascape for Android tablets and phones. A unique feature called Layers lets you visualize the source of each page element, making it easy to spot rendering issues. The intelligent address bar suggests sites based on keywords, browsing history, and bookmarks, adding a thoughtful touch to your browsing convenience with Lunascape.


Maxthon is a free web browser that stands out for its innovative features. It comes with an excellent download manager and supports major browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Opera. What sets Maxthon apart is its Cloud Push service, allowing seamless content transfer between mobile devices and your Windows 7 PC with a simple click. This feature makes sharing videos from your phone to your computer quick and easy. Maxthon also competes strongly with popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox, offering features such as mouse gestures, an ad-blocker, offline browsing, and cloud sync. If you’re looking for an all-in-one browser with unique features, Maxthon is worth checking out.

here are the features of Maxthon

  1. Lightweight: Maxthon is a lightweight browser, meaning it doesn’t consume much computer resources.
  2. Resource Sniffer: It has a resource sniffer feature to extract URLs of web resources.
  3. Password Manager: Maxthon includes a built-in password manager for secure login management.
  4. Split-Screen View: It offers a split-screen view for multitasking.
  5. Tab Grouping: Maxthon allows you to organize tabs into groups for better navigation.


SlimBrowser is a free and user-friendly web browser for Windows 7, using the same engine as Internet Explorer. It comes with handy features like a built-in popup killer and download manager to enhance your browsing. The interface is designed for ease of use, making account logins and navigation straightforward. SlimBrowser’s customizable popup blocker lets you decide which websites should have popups blocked, and you can specify the types of popups to block. It’s a simple and functional browser that aims to make your internet experience on Windows 7 efficient and enjoyable.

Comodo IceDragon

Comodo IceDragon, built on the Firefox foundation, brings extra security features and improved performance. It retains the freedom and functionality of Firefox while adding Comodo’s robust security. Notably, it features a built-in website scanner, allowing quick malware checks while browsing. The browser ensures user privacy with a dedicated private browsing mode, preventing any local storage of browsing data. Additionally, IceDragon simplifies the process of deleting all private data, including cache, download history, cookies, passwords, and more, with just a single click. For a secure and privacy-focused browsing experience on Windows 7, Comodo IceDragon offers a user-friendly solution.


NetSurf is a free and open-source web browser developed by the NetSurf Software Foundation in the UK. It has gone through several upgrades since its release. Written in C language, it includes features like tabbed browsing, cookie management, and CSS support—similar to what you find in modern browsers. Notably, NetSurf doesn’t use JavaScript; instead, it has its language called ECMAScript. It’s a versatile browser that can run on various operating systems, including Linux, AmigaOS 4, MorphOS, Mac OS X, RISC OS, as well as Windows 7 and newer versions. If you’re looking for a lightweight and customizable browser, NetSurf is worth considering.

Comparison Table

Browsing SpeedSecurity FeaturesUser InterfaceExtensions and Add-onsResource Consumption
Opera One216 Runs/MinBuilt-in VPN, ad-blockerSleek and intuitiveModerate varietyLightweight
Mozilla Firefox151 Runs/MinTracker prevention, strong privacyFlexible, active user communityWide rangeResource-intensive
Microsoft Edge213 Runs/MinWindows Defender, Reading modeMinimalist designModerate varietyEfficient
Vivaldi196 Runs/MinStandard security, customizableSleek design, tailored featuresModerate varietyModerate
Midori149 Runs/MinBasic privacy, minimal data collectionSimple and straightforwardLimited varietyVery lightweight
Google Chrome165 Runs/MinSandboxing, automatic updatesMinimalist designWide rangeModerate
Now that we have covered these browser options’ overall features, we can dive into the details for each. Read on for more helpful information.

In summary, if you’re using Windows 7 and want the most from your search experience, Firefox is the top choice. It provides a wide range of search engine options and built-in features for syncing preferences across devices. For current Firefox users, there’s no need to switch, as Firefox consistently proves to be the best browser for Windows users. With each new feature, its reputation only strengthens, making it a reliable and feature-rich option for a smooth web browsing experience on Windows 7.

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